nürburgring-table "Series Racing Line Black Edition"


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A piece of motorsport for your home. The nuerburgring- table "Series Racing Line Black Edition"

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Important information:

Shipping time: 6-8 weeks

shipping cost: 100€

shipping cost for foreign customers on demand

Product Information

  • 19-inch painted aluminum body
  • Color deep black
  • Lettering and silhouette “Nordschleife” laminated foil and clear coated
  • Engraved ESG safety glass panel with silhouette “Nordschleife”
  • 19 inch racing wheel
  • Coverrings deep black and highgloss lacquered
  • Trim with chrome foil
  • Aluminum nameplate with consecutive serial number

Technical information:

Height approx: 580mm
Diameter approx: 635mm
Weight: 20 kg
Manufactured:Handmade in Germany


€ 2,000.00
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping